Paris bath without feet

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The Paris bath is a faithful reproduction of an early 20th Century French fireclay bath. Made in England from Vitrite™/ Ficore™, a stone and mineral composite that replicates the look and feel of the original bath but without the weight. The bath is available with or without feet, in three sizes and may be produced in any colour, gloss or matt. This bath has a 25 year guarantee.

Model No. 1-01-002 (5'6) 1-01-012 (5'10) 8-01-002 (kit)
Measurements 1665 x 822 x 695mm / 1778 x 822 x 695mm
Price from £5,615.00 + VAT
Material of Paris Bath 5'6Ficore™
Weight of Paris Bath 5'680 kgs/ 176 lbs
Capacity of Paris Bath 5'6300 litres / 63 UK gallons/ 79 US gallons
Dimensions of Paris 5'61665 x 822 x 575mm/ 66 x 32½ x 22½”
Material of Paris Bath 5'10Vitrite™
Weight of Paris 5'10120kgs/264lb
Capacity of Paris 5'10310 litres / 68 UK gallons / 82 US gallons
Dimensions of Paris Bath 5;101778 x 822 x 575mm/ 70 x 32½ x 22½”
Finish of waste and o/f available:
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Vitrite™ Ficore™
Paris bath 5'6 (exc. kit)£5,615.00 + VAT
Paris bath 5'10 (exc. kit)£5,615.00 + VAT
Paris bath 6' (exc. kit)£5,820.00 + VAT
Waste & Overflow kit£500.00 + VAT