Rockwell basin on a frame-Green

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Rockwell basin with a frame. Available with ball, cube or cylindrical jointed frame - shown here with ball jointed. Option to have feet of frame painted.

Model No. 2-03-03-GR / 2-03-13-GR
Price from £1,784.00 + VAT
SMALL ROCKWELL BASIN (2-00-003)590mm x 470mm x 860mm
LARGE ROCKWELL BASIN (2-03-013)740mm x 530mm x 860mm
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Snowdrop Seattle Powder Willow Sherbet
Small basin with frame from£1,784.00 + VAT
Large basin with frame from£1,900.00 + VAT