Rockwell bath shower mixer wall mounted

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Rockwell bath shower mixer wall mounted. Available with all metal crossheads, handgrip and diverter. Can also come in coloured ceramic - lilac/Bonbon, orange/Squash, black/Graphite/Ink, white/Snowdrop, grey/Seattle, green/Willow, blue/Powder and yellow/Sherbet. Available with a short or long bath spout.

Model No. 5-03-01/5-03-02
Price from £1,253.00 + VAT
Length of spoutShort: 100mm, Long: 150mm
Finishes available:
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Crossheads Colours Available
Graphite (Matt Black) Ink (Gloss Black) Snowdrop Bonbon Seattle Powder Willow Sherbet Squash
With Metal Crossheads 100mm spout£1,253.00 + VAT
With ceramic crossheads 100mm spout£1,480.00 + VAT
With Metal Crossheads 150mm spout£1,265.00 + VAT
With ceramic crossheads 150mm spout£1,490.00 + VAT