Small/Medium Lonsdale basin on a pedestal

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Lonsdale basin on a pedestal. Available in three different sizes and either 1 or three tap holes.

Model No. 2-04-002 (small) 2-04-012 (medium)
Measurements 550mm wide or 650mm wide
Price from £1,135.00 + VAT
Dimensions of Small550 x 430 x 850mm / 21' x 17' x 33'
Code of small Lonsdale on a pedestal2-04-002
Dimensions of Medium650 x 510 x 855mm / 25' x 20' x 34'
Code of medium Lonsdale on a pedestal2-04-012

Small Lonsdale on a pedestal£1,135.00 + VAT
Medium Lonsdale on a pedestal£1,220.00 + VAT