Soho wall mounted bath shower mixer

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Soho wall mounted bath shower mixer, for use with our Bateau, Lucy, Empire and Porthole Baths. Comes with crossheads with either white, graphite or all metal diverter and hand grip, or option of all levers in graphite, white, metal or walnut levers. Please check with us what bath you are using so we can check the reach of the spout will be suitable.

Model No. 5-02-532
Price from £1057.00 + VAT
Finishes Available:
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Crosshead and white diverter and hangrip (5-02-532)£1057.00 + VAT
Crosshead and black diverter and handgrip (5-02-533)£1057.00 + VAT
Crosshead and metal diverter and handgrip (5-02-535)£1967.00 + VAT
All metal levers (5-02-575)£1,134.00 +VAT
All white levers (5-02-572)£1,108.00 + VAT
All black levers (5-02-573)£1,108.00 + VAT